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Personalised artwork has always been an important part of maritime art. Strictly speaking, this was where maritime painting has its origins. Proprietors, shipowners and captains used to adorn their rooms with paintings of their ships and fleets in the early days, but the tradition still continues to the present day. Today it is not just proud shipowners who want to see their own personal ideas and requests incorporated into paintings; I also find that customers from various different areas often have their own personal preferences when commissioning artwork. At times, this can present an exceptional artistic challenge for me, but it is the kind of challenge I am more than happy to accept. You will also find samples of my commissioned artwork in the famous Hamburg Hotel Atlantic, where the rooms are decorated with more than 200 of my paintings. The brief for all the paintings in this series was to bear a connection with the year in which the Hotel Atlantic was established (1909). I think I can say I successfully achieved this.


If you are looking for a painting

– in a certain size

– in colours tailored to your individual preferences

– on canvas you have provided

– which reflects features of your sailing boat

– which includes motifs from a certain era

– which depicts a certain scene


or if you are looking for a series of paintings that relate to each other in a given context, simply inform me about your ideas and requests and I will be happy to consider them. I look forward to receiving your enquiry. You are welcome to visit me in my studio in Hamburg by appointment.

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